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#13071562 Feb 17, 2017 at 01:52 PM
1. Personal Information:
Name: Emin Yılma Yenigün
Nationality: Turkish
Age: 34
Occupation/Hobbies: Law at Attorney – Motorcycles – Bikes – Travelling

2. Character Information:
Character name: Oinone

Class & Spec: Shadow

Off-spec (if applicable): Disc (PvP Based and some M+ experienced)

Armory Link (Log off in PvE gear):

Using Wowhead Artifact Weapon Calculator show your traits:
1-895 2-890 3-880

Raid UI screenshot in raid and in combat on an actual boss:

Recent logs showing your performance:

What raiding addons are you using: DBM – Weakauras – Recount –Tellmewhen – Vuhdoo –Archud –RcLoot –TLC –Lui
2.1. Explain the steps of your gearing including stat choices. and discord also top guild players advices
At least 4k crit rating with 10k-12k haste rating then all mastery
Sometimes change to AS going for Crit based gear Crit over Mastery

2.2. Whats your preferred spec and how long have u been raiding with it?
İn this expansion playing SP (old Cata) and sometimes Disc if healing needed

2.3. What separates the very best players of your class/role, from those who are just good?
Practice.find tricks and use them in fight…So I am reading and looking for vids for succes if i fail or smth missing doing that finding my tricks 

3. Raiding History:
3.1. Previous raiding experience:
Vanilla: Warlock Portakal MC-ZG-AQ20
TBC :Warlock Vash-Kael killed b4 nerf BTemple
Wrath : Paladin (Veiovis) until Vezax( after army duty Change to Warlock and killed Arthas b4 nerf)
Cata : SP (Oinone) and Lock Heroic Fireland 3th boss as I remember
Pandaria : Mage (Yoasa) Sha Of Fear and Lei Shen
Draenor : SP (Oinone) Mage (Yoasa) Killed BlackHand
Legion : Guldan HC b4 that M Skorpid
3.2. Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
Generally me left game because sometimes there is a long period between old and new content…

3.3. What was the hardest boss you've faced so far? What were you playing and why was it that hard?
Me love old content Vash and Kael really good fights need coordination and all ppl have some duties…İn legion Cenarius Helya Elisande and Guldan

4. Raid Availability:
(Raiding schedule is server time)
Wednesday: 19:40 - 23:30
Thursday: 19:40 - 23:30
Sunday: 19:40 - 23:30 (first 4 weeks of new content)
Monday: 19:40 - 23:30
Me living in turkey and goverment set our time line summer guess 2-3 hours difference so start with me 21.40  nightraider sound goods

4.1. Are you generally able to attend all 3 raids per week (4 when new content is out)? Is there anything that can influence your playtime, like studies, exams, work schedule, pressure from parents/wife/husband?
İt’s not a problem

5. PC Specs:
CPU: I7 6700K


Graphics Card: ATI X280

Internet Connection (Use :In my country there is quota after 100GB download drop to speed like that 

6. Joining Apex:
6.1. How did you hear about Apex? Is there anyone in Apex that can vouch for you?
General chat but i know your guild playing in TN 8 years

6.2. Why Apex? What can you offer us and what do you expect from us?
I am a Raider push my best (mean what items can give as a dps because stat weights important also legs)
From you killings bosses

6.3. What are your goals, in game, for the future?
Doing M+ and raiding so fun for me try to keep that
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#13074637 Feb 18, 2017 at 09:40 PM
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Hello and thank u for your application.

Unfortunately we cannot have u in our roster.

Good luck finding a new guild
The legend himself! "did Kazza die!!!!"
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