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#13078503 Feb 20, 2017 at 07:13 PM
1. Personal Information:
Occupation/Hobbies:Employee of National Bank of Greece/Chess,Video Games,Movies

2. Character Information:
Character name:Skaddì

Class & Spec:
Hunter BM

Off-spec (if applicable):

Armory Link (Log off in PvE gear):

Using Wowhead Artifact Weapon Calculator show your traits:


Raid UI screenshot in raid and in combat on an actual boss:

Recent logs showing your performance:
EN logs: [url=][/url]
ToV logs: [url=][/url]
NH logs: [url=][/url]

What raiding addons are you using:
Angry Assignments,BigWigs,Exorsus Raid Tools,Skadda,Weakauras,Elvui

2.1. Explain the steps of your gearing including stat choices.
I mostly watch azortharion's guides while im running my own sims,checking gear,talents and stat weights.

2.2. Whats your preferred spec and how long have u been raiding with it?
My favorite spec is MM even though i switched to BM in 7.1.5. I've been playing MM since WOTLK and raided with it in most raid bosses except Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry.

2.3. What separates the very best players of your class/role, from those who are just good?
The best players are those who make an in depth analysis of their class specs and talents and adjust them depending each fight.Also while progressing its best to make the tactics properly and not focus on logs.

3. Raiding History:
3.1. Previous raiding experience:
In WOTLK i killed Lich King hc,while in Cata Ragnaros hc and Dragon Soul 6/8 hc. In MoP i had a break from the pve aspect of the game.In WoD 6/7 Highmaul, 8/10 BRF and in HFC 8/13 cause my guild disbanded...
3.2. Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
The Otacus Dojo in Tarren Mill,Ancient Prophecies in Twisting Nether,Confused in Twisting Nether.All previous guilds were disbanded or stopped progressing cause officers and raiders quit.

3.3. What was the hardest boss you've faced so far? What were you playing and why was it that hard?
So far the hardest boss i've faced was Ragnaros and Helya even though i didnt kill her yet. Both fights were challenging,intense and long.I was playing my hunter in both bosses.

4. Raid Availability:
(Raiding schedule is server time)
Wednesday: 19:40 - 23:30
Thursday: 19:40 - 23:30
Sunday: 19:40 - 23:30 (first 4 weeks of new content)
Monday: 19:40 - 23:30

4.1. Are you generally able to attend all 3 raids per week (4 when new content is out)? Is there anything that can influence your playtime, like studies, exams, work schedule, pressure from parents/wife/husband?
Im able to attend all 4 raids including the extra one when new content is out unless something important occurs in real life.

5. PC Specs:
CPU:AMD FX-6300 six-core 3,5Ghz


Graphics Card:ASUS HD7770

Internet Connection (Use

6. Joining Apex:
6.1. How did you hear about Apex? Is there anyone in Apex that can vouch for you?
From wowprogress while searching for new guild.

6.2. Why Apex? What can you offer us and what do you expect from us?
I think Apex is a well organised guild with serious members which can help me achieve my goals in wow.Im an experienced and player since im playing wow for many years.Im a dedicated raider (almost 100% attendance) and i adjust myself easily in many different circumstances.

6.3. What are your goals, in game, for the future?
To have a decent progress with a friendly and mature team and enjoy the game ofc!
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#13082216 Feb 22, 2017 at 07:47 AM
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Hello and thank you for your time.

Whisper one of the officer for ginvite, welcome
The legend himself! "did Kazza die!!!!"
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