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#13154364 Mar 27, 2017 at 01:59 AM
1. Personal Information:
Name: A. Holm
Nationality: Danish
Age: 33
Occupation/Hobbies: Working in a kindergarten, having three kids of my own. My hobby is clearly being a masochist.
Battletag: Gwen#21795

2. Character Information:
Character name: Gwen-Anachronos

Class & Spec: Druid - MS Restoration.

Off-spec (if applicable): Balance around 40 traits, feral + Guardian on 35 iirc.

Armory Link (Log off in PvE gear): Can't provide a link since it's broken for some of my chars (have submitted a ticket, waiting for reply). Wowprogresslink:

Using Wowhead Artifact Weapon Calculator show your traits:

Raid UI screenshot in raid environment:

Recent logs showing your performance:

What raiding addons are you using:
DBM, GTFO, Exorsus, Vuh'do (frames), TellMeWhen (have WA2 too, prefer TMW for easier setup) and some minor ones, execution timer etc.

2.1. Explain the steps of your gearing including stat choices.
Take the leftovers, pug and do what I can in M+ to get the gear I want. I try to balance out my stats, have different stat sets depending on fights, talent choises and whether it's for raid or M+. I like to sit around the 20% + in crit, haste and mastery - and keep versa on par with crit (+3000 diff.) If more throughput is needed, I have a few pieces I can swap out.

2.2. Whats your preferred spec and how long have u been raiding with it?
Started out as a resto druid in early Wotlk alongside disc/holy priest. Went priest/rshammy for Cata, Resto/enhance sham for MoP and Holy pal/MW in Wod. Decided to go back to the roots for Legion. I like healing in general, and usually roll what is needed.

2.3. What separates the very best players of your class/role, from those who are just good?
Performance-wise, Id say managing your mana pool and setting in with CDs at the right time (without sitting on them for too long or bluntly sniping others to whore meters) gives a pointer in the right direction. I've seen too many druids in pugs going nuts the first minute - and then be found light at the rest of the encounter due to being oom, thus putting a huge strain on the rest of the healers. Being able to think outside the box, and not afraid to toss on that regrowth on the person about to die - when Swiftmend is on CD.
Also, a resto druid who's not afraid to go Germ in a 20-man encounter is worth mentioning - for when it's needed, obviously (think holy pal AWOL due to hangover and priest insisting on pretending to be a druid with renew blanketing)

3. Raiding History:
3.1. Previous raiding experience:
Started raiding in TBC, joined a social raiding guild finishing off SSC and starting on KT. Joined another guild with some friends in Wotlk, cleared most of Ulduar, ToGC and ICC. Guild disbanded as we hit LK. Joined some friends trying to make a raiding guild for Cata, managed to clear some of HC FL and DS before roster started to suffer. After that, I took a break due to RL - came back in MoP and cleared SoO hc (before Mythic was introduced). Warlords I cleared half of HM M, 7/10M BRF - and guild decided to transfer to TM due to again struggling with roster. Moved to Alliance side on Anachronos to join a raiding guild there, cleared all of HFC M - but due to atmosphere and general behavior of certain individuals, I moved to Ruined where I had made a few friends. Been there the last year, cleared EN M and are currently sitting on 4/10M - and struggling with roster for attendance once again.

3.2. Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
Most of the guilds I've left have been due to either guild disband - or raiding stop due to lack of people (me not being the cause of either). In WoD I decided to be "selfish" and focus progression for my own part, leave my friends' guild and join a more progress oriented guild. However, the atmosphere was quite toxic and "clique" based at times, and even though I wasn't left out, it made me feel uncomfortable. Joined a few friends in Ruined who needed a healer, stayed with them until now. Having to suddenly RL and recruit for a decaying roster is taking its toll - and I miss being able to play with 19 other people I can count on doing the actual mechanics as well as optimizing my own game.

3.3. What was the hardest boss you've faced so far? What were you playing and why was it that hard?
The Roster boss. Killed so many raiding teams, disbanded so many good guilds - and prevented so many people from having the fun they deserve.

4. Raid Availability:
(Raiding schedule is server time)
Wednesday: 19:40 - 23:30
Thursday: 19:40 - 23:30
Monday: 19:40 - 23:30
Tuesday: 19:40 - 23:30 (first 4 weeks of new content)

4.1. Are you generally able to attend all 3 raids per week (4 when new content is out)? Is there anything that can influence your playtime, like studies, exams, work schedule, pressure from parents/wife/husband?
Yes. And no, rarely.

5. PC Specs: Asus RoG
CPU: intel Core i7 2,4 GHz

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA Gforce GTX 660m

Internet Connection (Use

6. Joining Apex:
6.1. How did you hear about Apex? Is there anyone in Apex that can vouch for you?
Palumba (?) poked me on Bnet after having seen my char listed as LFG. Not fortunate to know either of you beforehand, I'm afraid.

6.2. Why Apex? What can you offer us and what do you expect from us?
I liked what I heard when talking to Palumba, how the atmosphere as well as progress mattered on an equal basis. Being able to raid with people who can carry their own bums, not having to babysit people through several encounters, telling them to "go left" every other beam on Krosus knowing they'd die if I didn't.
I can offer a dead reliable raider who's close to 100% attendance and always prepared for the encounter(s) at hand. I don't lose focus or discourage over wipes, I like to participate with ideas and thoughts regarding mechanics etc - when it's needed. I like fun and banter, can take a vebal beating and pack a punch back - but when pull timer is on, I'm on gamemode.
I expect to find a great community where progress and the realization of the fact that WoW is a game goes hand in hand. I'm not looking for a hardcore "bring 4 geared alts and farm BiS legs for 10 hours a day"-guild, but I'm not wanting to raid on a casual day-to-day basis either. From what I've heard, you strive to do as well as possible with able people - without losing the fun of it. Fits me perfectly :)

6.3. What are your goals, in game, for the future?
To clear endgame content while it's actually relevalt - to test and push myself as to what extend I can actually perform. So far, I haven't felt properly tested and trialed.

Main Character: Gwen-Anachronos
Race: Night Elf (I know, Alliance scumbag for now - will be Troll when/if going Horde)
Class: Druid

NB: (Yeah, I took the liberty of adding this)
My current guild consists of people I've grown fond of over the last year. And with our current GM/RL having to go social due to RL hitting him with a bat, a lot of things were up until recently not being done - unless I did them. Which I then did. I'm not in a rush finding a new guild, I'd rather take my time finding the RIGHT guild - while making sure me leaving my current guild won't be the reason they'd have to completely stop raiding.
I don't know how badly you need a 5th healer - but I'm not expecting for you to "hold a seat" for me either should a better player/person come along :)

It's shit A.M here - apologies if any of the above makes little to no sense.
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