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#13835033 Aug 12, 2018 at 10:47 AM
Hi hi,

Some of you might know me, some of you might not. (changed battletag from Lucardie to Lazerballz)

1. Personal Information:
Name: Ellert van der Vecht
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 35
Occupation/Hobbies: Mission Critical Engineer (IT), Playing some Fortnite/WoW, Do some creation art in Adobe Illustrator, do some learning in Unity.
Battletag: Lazerballz#2969

2. Character Information:
Character name: Depends on which one to start/migrate

Class & Spec:
Not decided yet. I have 5 110's in another realm (Druid/Monk/Demon hunter/Warlock/Warrior) and 1 110 on Twisted Nether (Paladin).

I have played my druid as main when WotlK/Cataclysm came, Warlock as main in Legion., Paladin in Vanilla.

Off-spec (if applicable):

Armory Link (Log off in PvE gear):

Using Wowhead Artifact Weapon Calculator show your traits:

Raid UI screenshot in raid and in combat on an actual boss:

Recent logs showing your performance:

What raiding addons are you using:

2.1. Explain the steps of your gearing including stat choices.
I mainly folow IcyVeins website.

2.2. Whats your preferred spec and how long have u been raiding with it?
Destruction Warlock, raided full Legion with it.

Druid Resto
DH Havoc

2.3. What separates the very best players of your class/role, from those who are just good?
Read, change, try until you master the proven best practice . There are a lot of good websites showing rotations, stat tactics, (artifcats routes) etc.

3. Raiding History:
3.1. Previous raiding experience:
I basically raided all raids except the ones in WoD & MoP.

3.2. Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:
Apex, stopped playing.
Some dutch guild on Stormscale, been there as casual gamer for only 3 months, I stopped playing a while ago, to take a break from Legion until BoA arrived.

3.3. What was the hardest boss you've faced so far? What were you playing and why was it that hard?
Hogger in 2006 :P

4. Raid Availability:
(Raiding schedule is server time)
Wednesday: 19:40 - 23:30
Thursday: 19:40 - 23:30
Sunday: 19:40 - 23:30 (first 4 weeks of new content)
Monday: 19:40 - 23:30

I hope to be able to play 2/3 nights a week, aiming for at least Sunday,Wednesday. Depending on RL time this can extend to 3/4 days.

I might think of going pvp but really depends on how BoA goes.

4.1. Are you generally able to attend all 3 raids per week (4 when new content is out)? Is there anything that can influence your playtime, like studies, exams, work schedule, pressure from parents/wife/husband?

5. PC Specs:
CPU: i7-7740x (4.3 GHz)

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics Card: GTX1080

Internet Connection (Use
Ping 9 ms
50 Mbit/sec down / 5 Mbit/sec up

6. Joining Apex:
6.1. How did you hear about Apex? Is there anyone in Apex that can vouch for you?
In an old game named Legend of Mir 3 I was playing with a friend (LoveYa) and one of the guilds was Apex.

People I know are Aldor, Eddie, Tilly, Bloodphantom, Zord, and some more.

6.2. Why Apex? What can you offer us and what do you expect from us?
I know Apex for a long time and why not join a known guild with people you know.

6.3. What are your goals, in game, for the future?
just to have some fun, kill some bosses, and some smelly Alliance.. red = death
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