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In 2001 we founded an online, multi-gaming community called Apex and over a 13 year period we grew and developed over many different MMOs including World of Warcraft from it's release, on EU-Daggerspine as Alliance. Later branching off as Horde to Stormscale and then to Twisting Nether.

Early 2015 the Apex community disbanded but was later reborn and evolved into what can now be found at The core of HC Gaming and our first iteration of Defiance in the MMO ArcheAge was formed by a close knit group of friends from the founders and leaders of the Apex gaming clan.

In May 2015 our core returned to World of Warcraft after a 7 month break from competitive raiding. Since then due to lack of content and the long wait for legion we put a hold on raiding until the release.

About Us:
Apex is an English speaking guild and our primary focus is on hardcore endgame raiding. We do however value our guild community and friendships and try to build our team around that.

Our initial goal is simply to create an enjoyable raiding environment for like-minded World of Warcraft players that have a passion for the game and for end-game hardcore raiding. We're looking to build a solid and stable core of raiders to hit mythic difficulty and to climb the ranks as soon as possible whilst maintaining a friendly community within the guild to participate in all aspects of WoW.

Raid Schedule:
(All times are listed in server time)
Wednesday: 19:40 - 23:30
Thursday: 19:40 - 23:30

Times may vary due to new content release.

We aim to keep our raiding squad as small as possible (around 26 players ideally). This allows us to raid when some players are absent but in order to maintain faster progression we do not wish to gear out more players than is necessary and therefore expect a minimum of 85% attendance from our core raiders. Those that drop below 85% raid attendance over a 30 day period are penalized when it comes to loot distribution and raid selection.

We seek new recruits that are loyal and have a mature personality, have exceptional raid experience from both current and past content, are knowledgeable about their class, have a sense of pride in their character and a drive for progress. They should not be afraid to talk on Discord and need to be sociable and fun to have around.

An up-to-date list of which classes/specs we are currently looking for can be found on our guild's website.

If you have any questions regarding our guild or application process you can contact any of the following officers in game: Zord, Baelief.

How to Apply:
To be considered for recruitment we require an application to be filled out and posted on our forum. Followed by a interview on Discord. If accepted you will be placed on a trial period that typically lasts 3 weeks.